Hospitality Data Visualisation Tool
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Visualize your data for advanced segmentation, reporting, and analytics. Infiniti provides our clients a view of their data on a micro and macro level across Audience, Acquisition, Behavioral and E-Commerce data points, taken directly from your hotel website and app via our propriatary tracking pixel.

The Hospitality Visualisation tool provides you a view across all Behavioural, Demographic, and eCommerce stats, creating a new age CRM tool that provides insights across who is interacting with you, how they are coming to you, what they are doing, and what they are buying.

Customised dashboards, heatmaps, graphs and charts give you the ability to view data across historial periods, as well as present real time data, providing actionable insights for marketers to action through built in programmatic marketing integrations, off-line marketing, social and content.

Infiniti is an industry leading hospitality solution suite that enables marketers to capitalize on the power of their data by transforming it into visible, actionable insights and drive effective campaigns and business activities.


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